On leaked audio, Patriot Front's leader said he will again bring neo-Nazis to the March for Life rally. Stand with your neighbors, stand against fascists

Why are White Nationalists at Anti-Abortion Marches?

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Fascists including Patriot Front believe that by restricting reproductive health, limiting women’s bodily choices, and creating conditions to force birth will somehow ensure that white babies help stop the so-called ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory that white nationalists are so fond of. They’re also looking to recruit more members! Learn more below or at the article home on Truthout.

By Elizabeth King & Erin Corbett, Rewire.News, December 12, 2018

Those on the far-right who have long discussed and acted upon their desire to dominate women’s sexual and reproductive rights are pushing that agenda into the political mainstream with help from the anti-choice movement.

The traditional right wing in the United States tries to distance itself from fascists, but far-right groups are weaponizing traditionalism and “normie optics” to infiltrate anti-choice platforms to recruit and organize young white men.

Attacks on reproductive rights are nothing new, but fascist groups’ infiltration of anti-choice groups and recruiting around anti-choice organizing in their genocidal agenda is an escalation. Leaked conversations between white supremacist groups using the Discord messaging site show users discussing recruiting members based on their opposition to abortion rights. “March for life never has effect until White Nationalists join [sic],” the Discord user “Commander Davis” said in the Traditionalist Worker Party chatroom, a now disbanded neo-Nazi group [Editor’s note: after TWP’s implosion, some of their members found a home in Patriot Front]. March For Life is a decades old radical anti-choice movement and protest popular among Republicans. President Trump addressed the March for Life rally in January.

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