On leaked audio, Patriot Front's leader said he will again bring neo-Nazis to the March for Life rally. Stand with your neighbors, stand against fascists January 8 & January 21, 2022

January 8, 2022, Chicago March for Life

Clipped from the Daily Beast article, “[Patriot Front], a white supremacist group encountered a less-than-receptive crowd during an anti-abortion march in Chicago on Saturday. Clad in khaki pants, blue jackets, and white balaclavas, members of Patriot Front walked through the freezing streets of the Windy City bearing upside-down American flags and a banner reading ‘Strong families make strong nations.’ They tried to join the March for Life, but anti-abortion rights demonstrators had other ideas, heckling the racists with taunts of ‘Who do you guys think you are?’ and ‘What are you guys carrying shields for?’ Cars honked at them as well. The white supremacists eventually ceded to their detractors and broke off from the march. They ended the day with a reportedly extended wait for their transportation in the snow.” Archive is here


January 8, 2022, March for Life, Chicago

“A March for Life Rally supporter standing in front of Patriot Front members and appearing to scold them. After saying, ‘I’m a conservative. You guys are an embarrassment to conservatives,’ the man supporting the March for Life Rally yelled at the Patriot Front group. He spoke angrily at the far-right hate group as they were marching towards him with shields, American flags, a large banner, and red, white, and blue-themed attire.”

“The upset man said: “No, you’re not a part of this march. Yeah, you’re not a part of this. Put down your bullhorn! Oh yeah, I’m the bad guy. Put down the cowboy hat, you’re an embarrassment to cowboys,” from the article in The US Sun. Archive is here.


December 14, 2021

Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau “indicated that they’re welcome at the March for Life.”

“Audio reportedly leaked from a recent Patriot Front meeting reveals the white nationalist group’s inner workings. During the meeting, Patriot Front’s purported founder also claimed that they’ve garnered support from people who attend events by the anti-choice group March for Life. The audio reveals how organized and image-conscious the group is. It demonstrates that it endeavors to hide its extremism and racism to attract new members and broaden its appeal even as top leadership approves its racist acts. If what Patriot Front says on the leaked audio is true, these methods are successful.”

“One of the first items on its 2022 agenda, according to the meeting, is the annual March for Life on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade next month. Patriot Front has purportedly been participating in these anti-choice events for several years.”

“‘These people at the March for Life events have really come to support us over the years and because of the last year’s cancellations of these events, we are expecting even larger crowds of supportive individuals,’ [Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau] said,” per a Daily Dot article by Claire Goforth


December 5, 2021, Washington DC

“A group of white supremacists stormed through downtown Washington, D.C. on Saturday evening, bearing American flags and mildly menacing plastic shields while marching to the beat of a snare drum down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. But after chanting aggressively about their plans to ‘reclaim America,’ their intended show of force stalled spectacularly when they lost their ride. While the group had marched through the city with threatening chants about their plan to ‘reclaim America,’ by the end of the night it was not even clear how they intended to reclaim their U-Haul,” from the Daily Beast article White Supremacists Stage Bizarro Rally in Downtown D.C., Find Themselves Stranded, by Blake Montgomery.


December 4, 2021, Washington DC

“The men were part of Patriot Front, a white supremacist group that rebranded after one of its members plowed his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville in August 2017, killing anti-racism protester Heather Heyer. And the Twitter account that announced the march wasn’t real, anti-hate group and disinformation researchers say. The small march — about 100 people — and the attention it generated, experts said, displayed the ways hate groups such as Patriot Front use the nation’s capital as a backdrop for propaganda materials and manipulate social media to their advantage,” from Washington Post article “A white supremacist march in D.C. was pushed by a fake Twitter account, experts say” by Ellie Silverman.


July 7, 2021 Philadelphia where Patriot Front spontaneously run out by the community

“By showing up suddenly, and without warning, [Patriot Front] gives any opposition little time to assemble a counteroffensive.”

“‘They had a bunch of smoke bombs,’ said Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, who stopped to document the march as it passed the Holocaust memorial on Ben Franklin Parkway. Amid the smoke, Muhammad said they saw Patriot Front members hitting people. ‘When they started hitting this person, and I saw what they were doing under the cover of invisibility, I had to engage. Because I didn’t know if they would fatally harm this person.’ from the article ‘Philadelphia bystanders ran the Patriot Front out of town. It won’t be the last time’ by Shane Burley in NBC News.


March 19, 2021

The zionist ADL released a report connecting Patriot Front to 80% of the white power propaganda in 2020, across the country:

“The ADL said the Patriot Front group was formed in August 2017. Since its creation, the group has promoted white supremacist and neo-fascist ideology. In 2020, the group began using red, white, and blue colors and stenciled graffiti in its propaganda.The data published by the ADL for 2020 shows an increase of incidents from the previous year by at least thirty white supremacist groups across the country, with a total of 5,125 cases reported in 2020 compared to 2,724 in 2019. According to the ADL, this is the highest number of white supremacist propaganda incidents ADL has ever recorded,” read the full NBC Dallas-Ft Worth article


January 25, 2021, Chicago March for Life

“Chicago police officers looked on while the leader of a group known as the Patriot Front barked into a megaphone while members gathered in front of the Cook County Building. Some held shields bearing the group’s name, while others hoisted a banner reading “FOR THE LIFE OF OUR NATION.” Others carried an early version of the American flag that features 13 stars — which some extremist groups have adopted after some criticized the flag’s connection to the slavery era in the U.S,” per Chicago Sun Times article, archived link here


July 9 2020 reportback from a Patriot Front infiltrator at the July 5 event in Chicago

“We didn’t leave for Chicago until after 10pm and didn’t actually do the demonstration until after midnight. Nobody was there to see it besides a few cops, and it only lasted a few minutes. They’ve been bragging online about it being on Independence Day, but technically it wasn’t. Afterwards the cops pulled over one of the box trucks, made everybody get out, and then sit in a parking lot for an hour while the group got the passenger vans back from the staging point to pick them up.”

“They had to have a police guard because they were afraid of something happening while they sat and waited. Everybody was completely defeated after getting stopped by the cops. They didn’t arrest anybody because it was for seat-belt violations and I think they were overwhelmed because it was around 50 guys in the truck,” read the rest at It’s Going Down.


From February 8, 2020, Washington DC

“More than 100 members of the Patriot Front, dressed in khaki pants and caps, blue jackets and white face masks, shouted ‘Reclaim America!’ and ‘Life, liberty, victory!’ video of the march showed…Video of Saturday’s march in Washington posted on a Facebook page showed occasional hecklers, but there appeared to be no organized counter-protest movement waiting for the Patriot Front as the group marched from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol grounds and later a nearby Wal-Mart parking garage. They were accompanied by dozens of police, some on bicycles, but it was unclear whether the group had obtained a permit for the march,” per the article ‘Masked white nationalists march in Washington with police escort’ in Reuters.


January 15, 2020, March for Life, Chicago

“Anti-abortion advocates, white nationalists and abortion-rights counter-protesters were divided by nothing more than an intersection during the March for Life Chicago in Daley Plaza, an annual event that organizers have called the largest pro-life event in the Midwest….Patriot Front, a group the Southern Poverty Law Center identified as a white nationalist hate group based in Texas, also participated in the march. The organization’s founder, Thomas Rousseau, is the same nationalist who led Vanguard America members in the Charlottesville, Virginia, demonstration that resulted in activist Heather Heyer’s death, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center,” per Columbia Chronicle article, archived link here.


From November 8, 2019

“Patriot Front aspired to help chart a new way forward: spread propaganda espousing its version of a nascent American fascism; quietly recruit new members worried about a nation overrun by immigrants and a world controlled by Jews; avoid talking about guns or violence online, but engage in a mix of vandalism and intimidation to foster anxiety; wear masks in public and communicate secretly.”

“‘The organization is not about its members,’ the group’s leader, Thomas Rousseau, once wrote to its members in the secret chats. ‘It is about its goals. Each person behind the mask is just another awoken member of the nation, who could be anyone who’s had enough.'” From the Propublica investigation: “They Are Racist; Some of Them Have Guns. Inside the White Supremacist Group Hiding in Plain Sight” from Nov. 8, 2019


From January 16, 2019 March for Life Chicago

“At one point, six masked members of the new Nazi group Patriot Front, joined by anti-choice extremists Abolish Human Abortion, unfurled a banner on a corner opposite the pro-choice demonstration, before they were shouted down by our side” per the Socialist Worker article “We Stand for Choice in Chicago,” archive here.


January 16, 2018, Chicago March for Life

Patriot Front was aborted from the pro-life rally by March for Life organizers. There is coverage from an anti-abortion website but we won’t be boosting them. For transparency, the archive link is here.