On leaked audio, Patriot Front's leader said he will again bring neo-Nazis to the March for Life rally. Stand with your neighbors, stand against fascists January 8 & January 21, 2022

Show Patriot Front: No Nazis in Chicago!

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Neo-nazis in Patriot Front are feeling the heat in this cold Chicago weather ahead of the anti-abortion March for Life rally this Saturday, January 8 2022 at Federal Plaza in the Loop. The American Fascist group leader Thomas Rousseau announced their intention to recruit like-minded people at the 1pm rally while the counterprotest will be assembling at nearby 219 S Dearborn at 12:30pm.



From the It’s Going Down article, “Patriot Front is a re-brand of Vanguard America, one of the groups that marched in Charlottesville at the Unite the Right rally and whose supporter, James Alex Fields, Jr, murdered Heather Heyer after driving his car into a crowd of counter-protesters. Chat logs of the group were leaked by Unicorn Riot, showcasing an organization obsessed with racial and sexual violence.…In leaked audio from a recorded meeting in December filled with racial slurs and screams of “White Power!,” Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau claimed to have a good working relationship with March for Life organizers, and that the group planned on joining them at their next rally in 2022.”

After the March for Life Chicago’s connection to Patriot Front was discussed in the IGD article and the community announcement of a mass mobilization against them both, the March for Life denounced white supremacy (lol) as well as Patriot Front



The archived tweet thread is here. March for Life Chicago’s denial of any affiliation with Patriot Front is especially worthless due to the extensive documentation of the neo-Nazis’ presence at the rallies from 2019 to the present. March for Life Chicago’s “disavowal” directly contradicts Thomas Rousseau’s claim

“These people at the March for Life events have really come to support us over the years and because of the last year’s cancellations of these events, we are expecting even larger crowds of supportive individuals.”

Thanks to Atlanta comrades for putting together a Twitter thread (archived here) showcasing the years that Patriot Front was a welcome participant at the March for Life Chicago rally from 2019 onward.



In an attempt for March for Life to save face to their base, Patriot Front may be ejected from Saturday’s rally. If their previous photo ops have taught us anything, Patriot Front will obtain a police escort and march the sidewalks aimlessly collecting enough footage to make their new recruitment video. Regardless of whatever action the March for Life chooses, it’s up to us all to send a message to Patriot Front we aren’t taking a stand against their presence at the anti-abortion rally, we’re taking a stand against their presence everywhere. Now is the time for the community to demonstrate to Patriot Front members and make sure know where fascists belong: alone, with nothing, and unwelcome in public spaces, especially in Chicago. For a collection of articles and analysis informing these ideas, see our page “PF in the news.” Patriot Front members, if you’re reading this post, this is your sign to quit. Start by reading Change Your Life for the Better in 2022: Leave the White Nationalist Movement

This Saturday, local temperatures are forecast to be in the mid-30s so dress accordingly. Mask up, bring a buddy, and leave your phone at home!



Counter-protest info is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1452181482340779.

Images are available for download, please share widely!


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